Hiring Process

How do I start my Career with Techtronic Industries?

Techtronic Industries operate on a global footprint with positions in a myriad of functions. In Europe we have opportunities in Sales, Marketing, Product Management , Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain, Customer service, HR and many more. These positions provide the foundation for professional development and growth our team across Europe.
The TTI Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains manufacturing and research facilities in Asia, Europe and North America as well as a customer-servicing business unit networks in North America and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Asia and Australasia. Here in Europe we have our headquarters in UK & Germany with many regional offices supporting the sales organisations throughout Europe.

TTI is a truly global company with global thinking. With the correct organisational fit, there are vast opportunities for job locations, TTI strives to align your qualifications with our organisational development.

What's the hiring process?

Here in Europe we seek exceptional people that share our passion for operational excellence and market leadership. TTI Europe hires at every level from entry level right through to senior management and within different functions of the organisation. In Europe we have the Graduate leadership programme where we mentor fresh recruits from universities across Europe with our 2 year programme with our aim of making them our future leaders within the organisation, please follow the link below.

How do I apply?

You can contact us through our online recruitment pages

What type of formal training is provided?

We take personal development very seriously. We provide all of our employees the formal training they require to meet and exceed the requirements of their position. We provide support, guidance necessary for each employee to grow within TTI and promote and develop themselves. All operations and divisions encourage and foster professional self-development, training and further education. Our commitment to personal and organisational development is second to none!

What are the TTI Group's benefits?

Benefits do vary between geographical locations and divisions but TTI provides a comprehensive benefits package that is competitive in each and every region it is located. Benefits currently include, but are not limited to: health subsidies, pensions, disability insurance, paid vacation, company, statutory and public holidays.

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