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Techtronic Industries (“TTI”) is a world leader in cordless technology spanning Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, Floor Care Appliances and Accessories for the consumer, professional, and industrial users in the home, construction, maintenance, industrial and infrastructure industries. The Company has a foundation built on four strategic drivers – Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Exceptional People and Operational Excellence - reflecting a long-term expansive vision to advance cordless technology. 



In 1985, Mr. Horst Julius Pudwill and Prof Roy Chi Ping Chung BBS JP founded Techtronic Industries (TTI) with the clear vision of owning and building a portfolio of globally recognized brands.  Today, their passion and commitment has resulted in products that have become household names in the commercial construction, home improvement, and industrial power tool markets as well as the home maintenance and commercial floor care markets. 

Their steadfast dedication to unsurpassed quality and core strategies of driving continuous innovation, operational improvement, and leadership development have propelled all of TTI’s brands.

TTI is proud of the history we are creating with our portfolio, knowing that our devotion to excellence will continue to lead us to greater heights.



Powerful Brands 

TTI’s trusted powerful brands stand for innovation, outstanding quality and user desirability.

TTI strategically invests in its leading brands, focusing their core values in order to build trusted customer loyalty, maintain margins, and optimize retail placement.

TTI is totally committed to its growing portfolio of Powerful Brands, which are our core equities. Brand loyalty is a cornerstone for sustainable growth and increased profitability. We highly regard and respect our brands and all of the end-users who invest their confidence in them.  Our exceptional brands are the foundation for current and future growth and serve as the compass for all of our activities.


Innovative Products

Innovation is the fuel behind sustainable growth.

We have a global network of “Innovation Centers” teeming with talented engineers, product designers, software programmers, researchers and product managers who are focused on new product and technology development. Cordless innovation is the key to expanding market size, entering new markets and accelerating growth. We fuel our brands with a continuous stream of innovative, value-added, demonstrably better new products. We believe in continually challenging accepted standards, exploiting, adapting and improving new technologies to create better products for higher-value brands.


Exceptional People

The foundation of an organization is its people.

At TTI, we invest heavily in developing current and future leaders. Filling the growing TTI management needs is the Leadership Development Program through aggressive university recruitment, training and promotion ladder for high-potential talent. A deeply embedded entrepreneurial culture flows through-out the organization and the world-class management team. Strong, effective leadership keeps our company strategically focused on facing the often-unpredictable market forces. 


Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the engine that provides the power to innovation.

Execution is the other side of the innovation coin. Without it, ideas remain ideas. At TTI, we are passionate about being the very best in every aspect of our operation. We have linked our new product development with operations. We closely examine every detail from design engineering to supply chain logistics in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity. Our operational teams have driven scalability utilizing our resources at a global level and are prepared for the future.


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